Creating a System of Intranet News Publishers & Writers

Save time, save money – these are principal objectives of content management (and intranet news).

In short, content management describes the process of easily creating, managing and publishing online content and intranet news with neither programming nor technical skills. Easy and effective content management is achieved through the deployment of a content management system (CMS) that is either custom-built or purchased as an off-the-shelf solution.

With hundreds of content management vendors and systems – ranging in price from free to millions of dollars once implemented – choosing the right system can be daunting. Some organizations purchase a specialized CMS platform, such as Kentico, Sitecore or CrownPeak. Others have the content management system bundled in their technology platform, such as Microsoft SharePoint, IBM or Adobe.

Most large, global organizations now conduct business in one principal language (often it’s English). However, it’s also smart to allow different regions, countries, business units, etc. Conduct business in their own language, where necessary, especially if the dominant tongue differs from the principal language of the company.

The key to success is decentralized content management: centralized content management technology and policy, decentralized content publishing, ownership and management. In other words, the company provides the technology and policy (standards), the writers/owners control the actual words and intranet news on the site.


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