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In short, Microsoft SharePoint is part enterprise content management (ECM) solution, part portal solution, part web development platform, part social media platform and a good portion of a complete digital workplace solution. It offers many, many solutions and functions – often too much for most organizations to grasp – but it is Microsoft’s hope that it will become everything to everybody including the defacto platform for the company intranet and the complete umbrella digital workplace.

In sum, it is an amazingly powerful solution, but often fails to live up to expectations for key components such as web content management.

It’s the perfect solution, if you have an abundance of time, patience… and money.

Watch this webinar from The Intranet Experts, Prescient Digital Media, on SharePoint for Communicators:

ALSO READ: The SharePoint for Communicators white paper

In this white paper, employee communicators and corporate communications staff will learn:

– How to prepare and plan for SharePoint
– The latest and greatest collaboration tools
– Content management in SharePoint
– Policies & standards to support the communications and content processes

The SharePoint for Communicators white paper

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