10 Things Every Intranet Should Have

A successful, vital, and essential intranet engages and connects every employee, supports their daily activities, reflects the company ethos and ultimately helps users get work done. But what are the key features or functionality your intranet should have to support those goals?

Creating a business-critical intranet that users will love is the vision and aim of every intranet manager.

However, given the diversity of choice in features, functionality, tools, and approaches available, where do you even start? When drawing up a list of ‘must-haves’ for your own intranet, what will be a business-critical piece of functionality… and what features are just a gimmick?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re going back to the drawing board to overhaul your existing platform, it pays to go back to basics. Each and every intranet project will be unique depending on its purpose, user needs, objectives, and the culture and unique challenges facing the business. However, despite there being no ‘one size fits all’ offering, there are some basic foundations upon which every successful intranet should be built.

Decades of experience has taught us the fundamentals of what makes a great intranet and allows us to share our tips on what to achieve – and what to avoid – on your intranet journey.

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