Digital Workplace Consultant

Great digital workplaces are rarely built solely in-house. There’s too much at stake and the digital workplace is too often a political juggling act, with far too many tools and moving parts.

The average intranet redesign takes 12 to 18 months (sometimes more) — far too much work for even two or three full-time employees. So, a complete digital workplace makeover could take years. A non-partisan digital workplace consultant or intranet agency can be the difference between failure and success.

There are advantages to doing it yourself:

  • Costs less (less external expense)
  • Internal stakeholders are forced to own their intranet (learn the ropes)
  • Internal jobs are reinforced

The disadvantages of doing it yourself are obvious:

  • Lack of skill and experience
  • Lack of people to execute
  • Lack of time
  • Internal politics and competing priorities / vision
  • Time away from day-to-day work

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