SharePoint Intranet Governance

Publishing to a SharePoint intranet is easy and fast; in fact, too easy and fast, without proper intranet governance. Virtually anyone within an organization can create an intranet site, and publish pages, with little to no training, in seconds. This type of power and publishing comes at a cost, and intranet governance helps limit the damage of intranet sprawl.

Intranet governance details the ownership model (who owns and manages it), and the rules for creating pages and content (roles and responsibilities, and policies); SharePoint intranet governance is really no different than the standard intranet governance model, though it does require some special attention with respect to site creation.

Intranet Governance: Centralized Hybrid Model

From a governance perspective, the governance criticism of SharePoint is not entirely fair. For all its strengths and weaknesses, SharePoint is fairly strong for governance when compared to other platforms. It is not perfect, but no solution is… continue reading SharePoint Intranet Governance.

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