The best intranets don’t come out of a box. Great intranets require a lot of work, and many months, if not years of planning and preparation.

Case in point: the most recent Intranet Design Annual (NNG) featured 10 winning intranets; the average cycle for an intranet redesign ran 14 months. Eighteen to 20 months is not unusual.

Most intranets need more than a face-lift — most intranets need a complete overhaul or a deathblow. Each organization is unique, with unique cultures, objectives, structures, processes, and employees. So the redesign process can be a long, complicated and daunting process. More than a few intranet managers have been overwhelmed by an intranet redesign.

“We don’t even know where to begin,” Fortune 500 intranet manager.

Your intranet is an ecosystem that maintains a three-way balance between people, technology, and process.

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