Toby Ward

Prescient Digital Media, Founder, Intranet Global Forum

The founder and CEO of Prescient Digital Media, Toby is an internationally recognized and acclaimed expert in the areas of communications, enterprise technology, intranets, and social media. A specialist in intranet and digital workplace planning and governance, he has led his company to many awards in recent years including an illustrious Webby Award.

Toby is the founder and president of Prescient. In his role Toby works with clients from around the work to help define their enterprise digital strategies and implement solutions that provide real, tangible value.

For more than two decades Toby has been an internationally recognized expert in the areas of intranets, portals, digital communications, enterprise technology, and social media. Toby’s particular areas of focus include planning, communication, benchmarking and best practice measurement. He’s the author of multiple white papers including Finding ROI, a leading study conducted on intranet return on investment.

Toby has served dozens of clients in the retail, hospitality, technology and media sectors including AMC, CBC, HSBC, Harvard Business, RBC Financial, USAA, and dozens more.

A frequent speaker and writer, he speaks at many conferences across the globe and is the founder and chair of the Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum conferences in New York City, and the founder and chief blogger of

Under Toby’s leadership, Prescient Digital Media has won more than 15 awards from many organizations including the International Association of Business Communicators, Canadian Public Relations Society, and a Webby Award.