All-the-rage 10 years ago, collaboration on the social intranet is now part of the weekly work routine for most knowledge workers. The social intranet is at the hub of this collaboration and the underpinning technology continues to innovate and evolve.

About 90% of intranets have some form of social component, be that instant messaging, discussion forums, or employee commenting on news articles. A survey conducted by PGi reveals that 88% of industry professionals use online collaboration tools at least once per week. Online conversations and meetings are replacing traditional meetings, and employees are more comfortable sharing data, insights and knowledge across the social intranet.

The social software market is growing at astounding rates. According to Global Market Insights, the collaboration software market size will grow by 13% (CAGR) in 2024 and will exceed US$8.5 billion. Leading this parade is of course Microsoft. Skype, a long-standing player, records more than 300 million users, an increase of 196 million users since its Microsoft takeover in 2010. And SharePoint has close to half-a-billion users. Office 365 already has 200 million users.

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