digital workplace

Costs are the principal concern of those that would fund the intranet, and according to writer and conference chair, so too are employees.

It’s sad, but the intranet is still viewed as a cost center by far too many executives.

Case in point: in many organizations, the external website has a greater budget than the intranet; many companies spend more on customers than employees. Maybe not a bad thing, per se.

Most companies treat the intranet, and the greater digital workplace like a cost center. It’s the principal and chief reason the intranet receives a failing grade at so many organizations.

“One of the reasons for this is The Street – Wall Street. Wall Street loves cost-cutting; they love when employee and operations expenses are cut to the bone, and The Street responds by raising the price of stocks. It hates when employee and operations expenses rise, and The Street responds by punishing share prices.”

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